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  • Bottle/ Birdhouse Gourd

    Bottle/ Birdhouse Gourd

    Cultivated since before recorded history as drinking vessels. Produces attractive green/ tan gourds 12-14'' high and 5'' wide. great for making rattles, bowls, and birdhouses. This long season species survives in our climate due to the long day length in summer. Best started indoors to make use of micro-climates and techniques to maximize warmth. Harvest when gourds whiten and cure in a warm, dry place with space between each gourd until hard.
    Price From: $3.95
  • Wee Be Little

    Wee Be Little

    85 Days.

    Perfect minature pumpkin. Smooth orange flesh that is slightly ribbed. Average weight is only 1/2 lb. This is a bush type plant that is nice and compact. Good for the small garden.

    Price From: $2.95
  • Rocket


    Organic. Heirloom. 50 Days.

    Very prolific and hardy red variety with slightly acid 2 1/2 inch, 3-4oz fruits. Bush plant that may need some support to hold up huge yields. Many consider the flavor superior to other early varieties. Determinate. 

    Price From: $2.95
  • Yellow Sweet Clover

    Yellow Sweet Clover

    Tremendous green manure and bee pasture. Vigorous grower with long tap roots to help break up compact soil. Can produce up to 125 lb. of nitrogen per acre. Sow in the spring or summer. Planting rate: 1/2 lb per 1,000 sq ft
    Price From: $7.50
  • Mammoth Melting

    Mammoth Melting

    Organic. 60 Days.

    Tall 4'-5' vines need to be trellised. Stringless 4"-5" pods. Likes cool weather, high yielding, early and uniform. Very sweet and tender.

    Price From: $3.25
  • Polar Beauty

    Polar Beauty

    63 Days. Organic.

    Bred in Alaska for extremly rapid, vigorous growth and extra early ripening. Second to ripen in polar series. Short, compact,bushy plants with 3-6 oz. crack-free, red fruits. has a brandywine flavor in half the time. Great garden additon. Indeterminate.

    Price From: $2.95
  • Valerian



    Vigorous, often 7' tall by the second year. Celery-like leaves on tall stalks topped with lacey white flowers. Used in tranquilizers and by hebalists for sedative purposes. Also in compost spray for biodynamic preparations. One packet= approx. 330 sds, 1oz. = approx. 38,000

    Price From: $3.50
  • Black Hungarian Wax

    Black Hungarian Wax

    70 Days. Organic. Heirloom.

    Ornamental hungarian heirloom. Plants grow 30-36" with greed foliage, purple veins and beautiful purple flowers. 2-3" fruits resemble large jalapenos with a pointed end. Black peppers eventually turn red and are mildly hot with good flavor.

    Price From: $3.15
  • Lime Green Salad

    Lime Green Salad

    Organic. Heirloom. 58 Days.

    Short plants that produce juicy 30z. fruits. Skin apple green to yellow green at maturity with lime green flesh and a sweet tangy flavor. Orgin Tom Wagner.

    Price From: $2.95
  • Canola (Rape)

    Canola (Rape)

    Member of the Bassica family. Extremely winter hardy and drought-tolerant. Can be planted in early spring or early fall. Thrives on all soils with little preparation. Produces lots of humus as a plowdown. Planting rate: 2 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.
    Price From: $5.00
  • Cascadia Pea

    Cascadia Pea

    60 Days. Organic. Bred in the Northwest by Dr. Jim Baggett from Oregon State University. Vines to 36'' with fiber-less 3'', very sweet pods. Enation and powdery mildew resistant. Can be used as a snow pea. Healthy, versatile, snack.
    Price From: $2.95
  • Early Butternut - Organic

    Early Butternut - Organic

    80 Days. Organic. Heirloom.

    Only northern friendly butternut. 10-12" buff fruits are uniform and the semi-bush plants are quite productive. Good, sweet butternut squash flavor.

    Price From: $3.45
  • Fern Leaf Dill

    Fern Leaf Dill

    Short growing (18") and abundant producer of "dill weed." Ferny leaves used for flavoring. High bolts resistance keeps up production of leaf green for repeated harvest. Great for limited space. AAS 1992. One packet= approx. 8 sds., 1/2oz = 6000 sds.
    Price From: $2.75
  • Green Arrow

    Green Arrow

    62 Days. Organic.

    Standard, long-podded, shelling pea. Northern gardeners love this variety for its yield, flavor and prolific two pod per node habit. Extra large pods, 4"- 4 1/2" long containing 8-11 peas. Vines are 24" - 28" long. Easy picker!

    Resistes DM, FW, RR, & LCV

    Price From: $2.95
  • Silvery Fir Tree

    Silvery Fir Tree

    Organic. Heirloom. 59 Days.

    This bright red heirloom tomato meassures about 2-3" in diameter and has silvery foliage. Great producer and does well in baskets. Very decorative and esthetically pleasing. Determinate.

    Price From: $2.95

Items 1 to 15 of 49 total

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