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  • Monterey Beetle Insect Spray organic-16oz

    Monterey Beetle Insect Spray organic-16oz

    Active ingredient Spinosad A & D. The new generation BT. while not specifically designed for Colorado Potato Beetle it works better than anything we have tried. Spinosad works so well on SPB that many chemical companies market it to conventional growers under a different name even though it is 100% organic OMRI listed product. Wide label that include CPB, codling moth, army worms, loopers, moths, corn borers, thrips, caterpillars, beetles and many more. Can use up to 1 day prior to harvest on vegetables, fruit trees, lawns and ornamentals. Rate 2 oz per gallon of water.
  • Mini Seeder

    Mini Seeder

    Easy to use!
    • Hand-held!
  • Maxi-Pots


    Start your seeds inside!
    • Prices from $0.15 - $0.20



    Accurately measures pH between 4.5 and 8.5 in 0.5 increments. 15-foot long roll will last for years and comes with color pH indicator chart. Make sure your nutrients are available to your plants. Also good for testing compost pH. Instructions included.

    Out of stock

  • Light Weight Hand Pruners

    Light Weight Hand Pruners

    Reduced hand fatigue
    • Great for yard work!
  • Kangaroo Gardening Container

    Kangaroo Gardening Container

    10 Gallons
    • Easy to store!
  • Jute Twine

    Jute Twine

    100% natural
  • Jumbo Pots

    Jumbo Pots

    Great for Greenhouses
    • Prices from $0.30 - $0.40
  • Jiffy-Pots 12

    Jiffy-Pots 12

    2 1/4 " round 100 % biodegradable pat pots. Plant pot and all for fast growth. Roots grow through pot wall, minimizing transplant shock.


    Nifty little pellets that puff up in water. Great for melon and squash family starts; eliminates transplanting shock. Peel off plastic cover when transplanting. Buy 20 or more for $.12 each (10 pellets = ¼ lb) $.20 each, minimum order of 10.
  • Hori Hori Knife

    Hori Hori Knife

    • Great for slaying weeds and branches!
    • Great for digging!
  • Heat Mat Thermostat

    Heat Mat Thermostat

    Controls temperature in colder or warmer environments. Provides constant optimum temperatures for specific crops. Easy plug in operation.
  • Growing Great Garlic

    Growing Great Garlic

    Intelligent and Scientific!
    • Garlic cultivation from strain selection to harvest
    • Definitive guide to growing garlic
  • Grow Super Salad Greens

    Grow Super Salad Greens

    Everything to know about greens!
    • Booklet
  • Grow Set

    Grow Set

    The perfect starter kit!

  • GROW CELLS-6 Paks

    GROW CELLS-6 Paks

    12 6-packs of 1½\" x 1½\" cells that fit in the Plant Flats. (¼ lb)
  • GROW CELLS-4 Paks

    GROW CELLS-4 Paks

    Twelve 4-packs of 1½" x 2¼" cells that fit in the Plant Flats. Buy 5 or more for $.65 each (¼ lb)
  • Gro-Mark Plant Labels (24 pack)

    Gro-Mark Plant Labels (24 pack)

    Excellent Garden Labels
    • Made with a durable hardwood!
  • Garden Planner

    Garden Planner

    Perfect for any garden lover
    • Stay organized all harvest!
  • Garden Bandit

    Garden Bandit

    Destroy your weeds!
    • Perfect for weeding and soil prep!
  • Fertilizer Applicator

    Fertilizer Applicator

    A must-have attachment
  • Dramm Revolver Spray Gun-Green

    Dramm Revolver Spray Gun-Green

    Nine different spray patterns
    • Nature Green!


    13 inch stainless steel, one piece design won't break. Sharp v-tip for effective deep digging

    Out of stock

  • Dial Seed Sower

    Dial Seed Sower

    • Saves seed and time!

Items 31 to 60 of 74 total

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