Potato Accessories

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  • Burlap Sacks

    Burlap Sacks

    • Great for storage or gifts!
  • Jute Twine

    Jute Twine

    100% natural
  • Potato Knife

    Potato Knife

    • Take outside or inside
    • Comes with blade cover!
  • Monterey Beetle Insect Spray organic-16oz

    Monterey Beetle Insect Spray organic-16oz

    Active ingredient Spinosad A & D. The new generation BT. while not specifically designed for Colorado Potato Beetle it works better than anything we have tried. Spinosad works so well on SPB that many chemical companies market it to conventional growers under a different name even though it is 100% organic OMRI listed product. Wide label that include CPB, codling moth, army worms, loopers, moths, corn borers, thrips, caterpillars, beetles and many more. Can use up to 1 day prior to harvest on vegetables, fruit trees, lawns and ornamentals. Rate 2 oz per gallon of water.
  • Potato Veggie Brush

    Potato Veggie Brush

    • Great for hands or veggies!
    • Hand painted
  • Hori Hori Knife

    Hori Hori Knife

    • Great for slaying weeds and branches!
    • Great for digging!
  • Integrated Pest Management...

    Integrated Pest Management...

    Pest management for the West
    A potato grower must-have!
  • Root Cellaring

    Root Cellaring

    A great how-to!
    Learn how to keep your potatoes

  • Fir Bark Dust

    Fir Bark Dust

    Helps heal freshly cut potatoes
    Price From: $7.00

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