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    Includes the following:
    • Anise - 300 mgs.

    • Basil - Italian Leaf 500 mgs.

    • Basil - Purple Ruffles 100 mgs.

    • Chives - 500 mgs.

    • Chives - Garlic Chives 500 mgs.

    • Cilantro - 2.5 gms.

    • Dill - Mammoth 2.5 gms.

    • Marjoram - 200 mgs.

    • Mesclun Mix - Mild 3 gms.

    • Mesclun Mix - Spicy 3 gms.

    • Oregano Greek - 100 mgs.

    • Parsley Moss Curled - 1.2 gms.

    • Sage - 1 gms.

    • Summer Savory - 500 mgs.

    • Winter Savory - 100 mgs.

    • Thyme - 200 mgs.

    Packaged in a mesh bag. Great gift idea.
    *We have the right to substitute a similar variety if sold out.
  • Large Leaf Basil - Organic

    Large Leaf Basil - Organic

    Large dark green sweet basil with uniform broad leaves. Great variety for market. Plant plenty for pesto! Slow bolting. Approx. 300 seeds/Pkt; 18,000 seeds/oz.

    Additional Infomation:
    Market farm variety
    Price From: $2.75
  • RED OPAL BASIL organic

    RED OPAL BASIL organic

    Beautiful red to purple color which is outstanding when used as a garnish or in salads.
    Price From: $3.15
  • Sacred Basil

    Sacred Basil

    Old abundant LIfe Seed strain that is much better adapted to cool weather thatn other basils, even resisting late spring frosts that blacken other basils. Excellent choice for herbal teas or salad ingredient.
    Price From: $3.25
  • Lemon Basil

    Lemon Basil

    Organic. Narrow leaves. Can grow up to 8'' tall. Known for its zesty scent and taste, making it great for any dish. Has white flowers in late summer to the early fall.
    Price From: $3.15
  • Cinnamon Basil

    Cinnamon Basil

    Organic. Darker narrowed leaves. A spicy cinnamon scent and taste. Dark red stems.
    Price From: $3.15
  • Genovese Basil

    Genovese Basil


    Large, dark-green Italian basil with sweet leaves. Plant is tall & slow to bolt. Most often used for pesto. Sweet fragrance with a spicy taste.

    Price From: $2.75

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