Guardian Beneficial Nematodes

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• 1 million active units

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Steinernema carpocapsae
Controls over 250 soil inhabiting insects that eat root crops! These almost invisible critters hunt down and kill cutworms, root maggots, wireworms, flea beetles, raspberry cane borers, and strawberry weevils but leave earthworms alone. In lawns and ornamentals they kill codling moth larvae, gypsy moth larvae, pine weevils, poplar clearwing borers, bag worms, and more!
Can be applied with sprayer or watering can. Treats 2500 square feet. Do NOT use in conjunction with Diatomaceous Earth, which will kill the nematodes. New application kit takes 1 minute to mix. Comes with release instructions. All orders shipped after April 15. Includes shipping.
One million active units

0 out of 5


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