Red Sunset- PRE NUCLEAR--15 Count Bag POTATO


Quick Overview

This round, brightly colored red potato has shallow eyes and white flesh. This early season potato is high in vitamin C and Iron. Extremely high yields. Scab resistant.

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Prenuclear potatoes are 3grams-1oz in size (large blueberry to golf ball). They will return 25-200 times at harvest time. Prenuclear potatoes are to be planted without being cut. They also must be pre-sprouted prior to planting.

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Every year at Irish Eyes in Ellensburg, WA we grow two crops of seed potatoes in our greenhouse. The first rotation is March 1st and the second rotation is July 15th. These seed potatoes are started from tissue culture plantlets in petri dishes. They are planted into 3,500 one gallon pots that contain organic potting soil. Soil is added to the pots until the plant has reached the top of the pot. We use drip irrigation, organic nutrients, insect traps, and beneficial insects during the grow cycle. The Washington State Department of Agriculture also inspects our greenhouse during the growing season. Just before harvest one leaf from every plant is removed . The petioles are sent to the University of Idaho for testing. They are tested for 16 different diseases and viruses. All of the tests must comeback with 0% disease and virus free, or they are disqualified and destroyed. Once the test has been passed these 3gm to 1oz (large blueberry to golf ball size) tubers are called pre-nuclear generation seed potatoes. When planted into the soil for the first time the tubers are so vigorous that they yield 25-200 times as much as you plant. Last year we planted four pounds of pre-nuclear Red Pontiac and harvested 800 pounds. Get your pre-nuclears while supplies last!

Red Sunset- PRE NUCLEAR--15 Count Bag POTATO