Cover Crops

Cover crops will improve soil by adding huge amounts or organic material and valuable nutrients to it, and prevent soil erosion. They can prevent the leaching away of nutrients, increase the life of your soil, provide ideal conditions for earthworms, discourage weeds, and improve soil's ability to hold water.

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  1. Alfalfa


    Price From: $11.21

    Out of stock

    • Perennial • Grows quickly • Nitrogen fixer Learn More
  2. Austrian Winter Pea

    Austrian Winter Pea

    Price From: $5.75

    Out of stock

    • Annual • Increases organic matter • Nitrogen Fixer Learn More
  3. Buckwheat


    Price From: $17.25

    • Annual • Good for breaking up soil! Learn More
  4. Hairy Vetch

    Hairy Vetch

    Price From: $14.38

    • Annual • Nitrogen-rich • Hardy Learn More
  5. White Dutch Clover

    White Dutch Clover

    Price From: $10.35

    • Perennial • Chokes out weeds Learn More
  6. Winter/Fall Rye

    Winter/Fall Rye

    Price From: $8.05

    • Perennial • Suppress weeds Learn More
  7. Rapeseed


    Price From: $5.75

    • Annual • Winter hardy Learn More
  8. Crimson Clover

    Crimson Clover

    Price From: $5.75

    • Biennial • Bees love clover! Learn More
  9. Yellow Sweet Clover

    Yellow Sweet Clover

    Price From: $8.63

    • Biennial • Vigorous • Sow Spring & Summer Learn More

9 Item(s)

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