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  • Bachelor Buttons-Cornflowers

    Bachelor Buttons-Cornflowers

    Two foot high plants with gray-green foliage. Flowers dry well if picked soon after opening. Plants will flower longer if faded blooms are picked off. Mixed white, red, blue, and pink. Will reseed itself. PKT approx. 330 seeds; 1/2 oz. 3120 seeds.
  • California Poppy-Mixed Colors

    California Poppy-Mixed Colors

    Vigorous, easy to grow dwarf plants produce a mixture of exquisitely formed and brilliantly colored single flowers on mounds of lacy, silver-gray foliage. Plants complement natural settings and informal beds, borders, country gardens and rock gardens. 12-18" tall.
  • Godetia


    Graceful sprays of beautiful, satiny-looking flowers, 1-3" across, are produced along 1-2" stems during the summer. These showy plants are excellent in beds and borders and make lovely cut flowers. Plants prefer cool weather and once established require little care.
  • Linaria


    Linaria blooms in a wide variety of colors including yellow, blue, lavender, pink, red, bronze, and white. Linaria isthe most noticable when planted in masses and is great for a early border, edging, or in a rock graden. Makes a long lasting cut flower. 8-12\" tall.


    One of the most popular annuals. Early booming plants produce tall, graceful, heavily flowered spikes that provide an array of color along walls, fences, and in beds. The graceful flower spikes make beautiful and long-lasting arrangments. 3-5" tall.


    This is a long-time favorite is easy to-to-grow and produces an abumdance of dazzling blossoms on handsome, bushy plants from summer to fall. The fragrant flowers open in mid to late afternoon. Plant in beds, borders or use as low hedge or shrub foundations. This tender perennial is usually grown as an annual. 24-30" tall.
  • Cosmos Bright Lights Mix

    Cosmos Bright Lights Mix

    A graceful showy annual producing huge flowers with broad fluted petals in a variety of beautiful shades, admist delicate and feathery foliage. Plants are easy-to-grow, developing rapidly, and will bloom throughout the summer and fall. Attractive as a background plant, in mass or containers and make excellent, long lasting cut flowers. 3' tall.
  • Clarkia Elegans Mix

    Clarkia Elegans Mix

    Plants bear a profusion of elegant double and semi-double flowers in a variety of beautiful colors all along 2'/61 cm. stems throughout the summer. Attractive in mass plantings, beds, containers and make beautiful, long lasting cut flowers. Plants prefer cool weather. 18-24" tall.
  • Candytuft Pastel Mix

    Candytuft Pastel Mix

    One of the brightest and easiest to grow annuals. Compact plants produce clusters of dazzing flowers in an array of pastel colors in just 8-10 weeks. For spectacular inmpact plnat in borders, edgings, rock gardens, and beds. Enjoy in fresh bouquets. 8-12" tall.


    Beautiful Mix of annuals (80%) and perennials (20%). Tons of color for cutting. You will have the best bouquet!

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  • Calendula Pacific Beauty Organic

    Calendula Pacific Beauty Organic

    One of the most popular and easiest to grow annuals. Large, colorful, yellow and orange double blossoms are borne on strong, tall stems. Attractive, dark-green foliage. Plants thrive under cool, sunny conditions. Performs well in beds, borders, containers and makes outstanding cut flowers.
  • Alyssum- Carpet of Snow

    Alyssum- Carpet of Snow

    One of the most popular and versatile accent flowers. Grows quickly and easily, producing an abundance of lovely and fragrant, tiny blossoms from spring to fall. Spreading plants, up to 10" across, are excellent as edgings, ground covers, between bulbs, in pots and mass plantings. 4" tall.
  • Alyssum- Purple Royal Carpet

    Alyssum- Purple Royal Carpet

    One of the most popular and versatile accent flowers. Grows quickly and easily, producing an abundance of lovely and fragrant, tiny blossoms from spring to fall. Spreading plants, up to 10" across, are excellent as edgings, ground covers, between bulbs, in pots and mass plantings. 4" tall.
  • Calendula, Resina - Certified Organic

    Calendula, Resina - Certified Organic

    85-90 Days

    The sunniest flowering herb w/ a long bloom period. Blossoms are edible & the petals look lovely in salads. Rich in carotenoid for use as a dye. Plant after last frost. Direct seed 3 seeds/foot in rows 30" apart. Thin to 8-12" apart.
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  • Strawflower-Mixed Colors

    Strawflower-Mixed Colors

    The most popular dried flowers and excellent in fresh arrangements. The glistening flowers are large, fully double and are produced in a variety of brilliant colors on long stems from midsummer until fall. Plants are easy to grow, thrive in hot sunny spots and are not fussy about soil quality. 2-3'.
  • Statice-Rainbow Mix

    Statice-Rainbow Mix

    An ideal cut flower, Statice has long strong stems with clusters of brightly colored, papery blossoms that are excellent in dried or fresh cut arrangements. A vigorous annual that will keep blooming as long as you keep cutting the flowers as they emerge. 15" tall.

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  • California Poppy-Orange King

    California Poppy-Orange King

    Eschscholzia californica

    Easy to grow, bright orange flower. Very tolerant of hot dry conditions. Great for naturalizing. Approx. 350 seeds/PKT; 9900 seeds/ 1/2 oz.
  • Cosmos-Sensation Mix

    Cosmos-Sensation Mix

    Rose, crimson, white, and pink. 3-4 feet tall.
  • Marigold (French type)- Sparky

    Marigold (French type)- Sparky

    Tagetes patula Vigorous French type. Double flowers are deep red with orange flecks. 10-12 inches tall.
  • Morning Glory-Heavenly Blue

    Morning Glory-Heavenly Blue

    Ipomoea tricolor

    Sky blue flowers that open in the morning and fade by afternoon. 12 foot long vines.
  • Nasturtium-Jewel Mix

    Nasturtium-Jewel Mix

    Tropaeolum majus

    Viney plant with bright single and double flowers. Good companion plant. Entire plant is edible and used in many exotic recipes.
  • Scarlet Flax

    Scarlet Flax

    Linum rubrum

    1½ foot tall plants with delicate flowers borne on gently arching stems. Seed pods may be used in dried arrangements.
  • Sweet Peas Knee High Mix

    Sweet Peas Knee High Mix

    Lathyrus odoratus

    A new mix of colors including blue, orange, chocolate and scarlet. Short 2-3" vines make an excellent cut flower. Works well in containers. Easy to grow.
  • Tall Marigolds (African Type)  Crackerjack Mix

    Tall Marigolds (African Type) Crackerjack Mix

    Tagetes erecta Early, giant carnation flowered mix of orange, gold and yellow. 3 feet tall. Approx. 60 seeds/PKT; 3650 seeds/½ oz.


    Beautiful mixture of spring color. Large 1-1.5" flower in assorted colors. Direct seed after last frost, or start indoors 6 weeks earlier. Space 6 - 8 inches apart. Full sun; moist soils. Will reseed itself. 100 seeds
  • Sweet Peas Royal Mix

    Sweet Peas Royal Mix

    Lathyrus odoratus

    Climbing peas with large fragrant double flowers. Flowers for a long time beginning mid-Summer. Keep picking to encourage blooming. Well suited to cool areas, A mix of blue, scarlet, pink, and white.


    Earliest and largest of the sweet peas. Needs trellising. Long stems good cut flowers. Copious amounts of color.
  • Nasturtium-Alaska Mix

    Nasturtium-Alaska Mix

    Colorful, easy to grow plants 16-18" tall with dwarf single flowers. Deep red, yellow, and pale yellow. Flowers with verigated folige.

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  • Snapdragon Deluxe Mix

    Snapdragon Deluxe Mix

    These lovely flowers have been garden favorites for generations and are loved by children for their dragon mouth, which opens and closes when pinched. Plants have excellent vigor and come in a wide range of exquisite colors. The tall, strong, blossom-laden flower heads bloom throughout the summer. Plants are excellent in backgrounds, containers, and make excellent cut flowers. 15" tall.
  • African Daisy

    African Daisy

    Dimorphotheca sinuate

    Large, colorful blossoms (about 3 1/2" diameter) with distinctive dark centers, bloom profusely summer to frost. Plants are easy to grow and bushy, producing their lovely flowers on long, strong stems throughout the summer. Useful in dry, hot areas. Ideal for beds, borders, and containers. 12-14" tall.

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