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Flower Seed ~ Biennials

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  1. Black Eyed Susan

    Black Eyed Susan


    Fast growing, exotic appearing vine that covers itself with colorful flowers all summer and into fall. Tubular flowers, up to 1 1/2" across, are orange or yellowish with contrasting black throats. Plants twine and easily scramble up low fences, trellises, netting, and posts forming a screen. Trail over a low wall or from hanging baskets or urns. 4-6' tall. Learn More
  2. Chinese Forget-Me-Not

    Chinese Forget-Me-Not


    These easy to grow and hardy plants bear a profusion of dainty bright blue flowers during later spring and early summer. This old favorite is excellent interplanted among bulbs and annuals, in rock gardens , as edging plants, in mass plantings and along stream banks. 9-12" tall. Learn More
  3. CLARY SAGE* Organic

    CLARY SAGE* Organic


    Beautiful plant with fuzzy 9" long leaves. Flowers the second year with beautiful pink, lavender and blue shades with white. Flowers borne on 3 1/2 tall inflorenscence. Excellent cut flower. Used in perfume . Flowers in the summer. Learn More



    3-4' tall covered with light yellow flowers. Edible leaves flowers and long tap roots, were eaten by Native Americans. Watch the flowers pop open as the sun sets. Heavenly smell. Native to much of the U.S. Will reseed its self and can be invasive. Flowers attract beneficial insects. Plant in full sun. Learn More
  5. Hollyhock



    Hollyhock Learn More
  6. Starting Seeds Indoors

    Starting Seeds Indoors


    By Ann Reilly. Discusses how to start seeds indoors, and the advantages of starting your own seeds, Learn More
  7. Tidy Tips

    Tidy Tips

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    These daisy-like flowers have 1-1 1/2'' flowers. Bright yellow with white on the tips. Small and narrow leaves. The flowers make the perfect flower for cutting. Learn More

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