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  • All the Onions and How to Grow Them

    All the Onions and How to Grow Them

    by Betty Jacobs Garlic, shallots, walking onions, potato onions, elephant garlic, leeks and chives. Complete cultural practices, including curing. Booklet.


    This produces handsome yellow, globe-shaped jumbos and colossal. The most uniformly sweet variety we’ve ever eaten and always tender. Never a hot one; nor a tough, thin-layered one. We can’t grow it in the North, but every May we buy a bushel from Texas to use during summer because it stores better than any other Short Day variety, often keeping right through the heat of the summer until mid-September.

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    100 days

    For generations this variety has been the pride of Washington State’s onion-producing region. The famous northwest gourmet sweet onion can be grown from seed. In long and intermediate day areas where temperatures do not drop below -10° F, they can be planted between August 15 and September 1 and overwintered under a light mulch for harvest the following late June or early July. For colder areas it's best to raise seedlings and set out transplants in early to mid April. Not a storage onion.

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  • Candy F-1

    Candy F-1

    85 Days. Now possible to grow a sweet storage onion in the north with mild flavor of a short-day southern variety! Produces very large, white, sweet, deep globe-shaped bulbs with small necks and golden brown skin. If well-cured, keeping them until March should be no problem
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