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  • Bodacious F1 Corn-SE/SU

    Bodacious F1 Corn-SE/SU

    75 days.
    This corn is a name you will remember. An exceptional sweet variety with deep yellow kernels and very tender large 8" ears, with 18 rows of kernels. Nice tall and sturdy stalks.
    Price From: $3.75
  • Earlivee F1 Corn-SE/SU

    Earlivee F1 Corn-SE/SU

    69 days

    Great flavor for an early variety. Dependable, 6-7 inch ears with 12 rows, filled to the tip. Good cold soil emergence. Developed in Canada. Five foot tall plants.
    Price From: $3.75
  • Extra Early Golden Bantam Corn-Organic-Heirloom

    Extra Early Golden Bantam Corn-Organic-Heirloom

    Venerable yellow sweet corn heirloom. Earlier version of the famous Golden Bantam. 5-6" cobs with 8 rows of large bright yellow kernels. Smaller 5' tall plants can be spaced closer together. Does great in cold soils and can be used to roasting ears!
    Price From: $3.55
  • Fishers Earliest Corn-Organic

    Fishers Earliest Corn-Organic

    Open pollinated ears average 6" long. Vigorous, multi-colored stalks of red and green reach 5-6' with usually one ear per plant sitting 18" high on stalk. Short season growers.
    Price From: $4.05
  • Growing The Best Corn

    Growing The Best Corn

    By Nancy Bubel. Covers types of corn, planting, pollination, pest control, and more.
  • Incredible F1 Corn-SE/SU

    Incredible F1 Corn-SE/SU

    63 days.
    An improved gourmet yellow sweet corn that has the quality of late season varieties. Its 9½ inch ears are bigger than any other early or mid-season variety we've trialed, with 18 rows of tender, sweet and juicy kernels. Incredible has good cold soil emergence and early vigorous growth under less than ideal conditions. Resistant to Stewart's Wilt, Rust and Northern Blight.
    Price From: $3.75

9 Item(s)

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