Greens: Exotic, Mustards

Sow thickly rows 6-8" apart, 1/2" deep, and thin to 2". Plant this cool season green in early September for Spring harvest, early spring for late spring harvest and in mid-July for fall harvest. Grows well in rich vitamins and mineral salts, will overwinter if properly mulched and will often reseed itself. One packet = 1 g. = 1300 seeds, sows 60 feet.

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  1. Grow Super Salad Greens

    Grow Super Salad Greens


    Everything to know about greens! • Booklet Learn More
  2. Verte De Cambrai GREENS

    Verte De Cambrai GREENS

    Price From: $3.05

    Out of stock

    30-65 Days
    An Especially cold tolerant refined French cultivar. Overwinter and harvest baby rosettes very early in Spring. Delicate, sweet, nutty flavor compliments stronger, tart greens in salad mixes. Learn More
  3. Red Giant Greens

    Red Giant Greens

    Price From: $3.28

    OrganicHeirloom • 25-45 Days • Mustard flavor • Good for salads and sandwiches Learn More
  4. Rouge De Verone Greens

    Rouge De Verone Greens

    Price From: $3.50

    • 75 Days • Good in salads • Cool climate crop Learn More
  5. Tatsoi Greens

    Tatsoi Greens

    Price From: $3.28

    Organic • 25-45 Days • Spicy flavor Learn More
  6. Mibuna Greens

    Mibuna Greens

    Price From: $3.28

    Organic • 45 Days • Mild mustard flavor Learn More
  7. Chicory


    Price From: $3.50

    Organic • 45-70 Days • Asparagus like flavor Learn More
  8. Arugula Greens

    Arugula Greens

    Price From: $3.50

    Organic • 30-55 Days • Likes cool weather • Peppery taste Learn More
  9. Endive-Tres Fine

    Endive-Tres Fine

    Price From: $3.74

    Organic • 20-45 Days • Early Summer • Mild bitter taste Learn More
  10. Mizuna Mustard Greens

    Mizuna Mustard Greens

    Price From: $3.28

    OrganicHeirloom • 25-40 Days • Edible mustard • Slow bolting Learn More
  11. Orach Greens

    Orach Greens

    Price From: $3.51

    OrganicHeirloom • 30-65 Days • Heat tolerant Learn More

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