Likes warm weather; poor growth if planted too early. Benefit from row coverings and used during cool weather or night. Likes light, slightly acidic soil but will do all right in sandy soils. Available phosphorous is important, but too much nitrogen can cause luxuriant leaf growth at the expense of flowering and fruit set. Require adequate water, especially for fruit maturation. Optimum growing temperature is 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit for sweet peppers and 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit for hot peppers. Growth slows at 80 degrees Fahrenheit for sweet peppers and 95 degrees Fahrenheit for hot peppers. Hot peppers also must reach full maturity for maximum flavor. Should be planted close enough that leaves touch, not more than 12" apart. Maturity dates are from time of transplant. 150 plants per 100'. PKT 1/2 g 50 seeds; 3400-4000 seeds'oz. CULTURE: Plant indoors 1"-2" apart in flats, 8-10 weeks before transplanting to 2"-3" pots when true leaves appear. Plant outside 10"-12" between plants, rows 18" apart. Also can double up plants 6" apart, 12" between couples. Deep bed spacing is 12" apart. SEASON: Warm season. plant 2-4 weeks after last frost or when soil temperature reaches 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Growing temperature 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 60 degrees Fahrenheit at night. SOIL: Slightly acid pH 6.0-6.8. MIN. SOIL TEMP: Above 80 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum germination. GERMINATION: 14 days. Peppers take about 50% longer to germinate than tomatoes. Don't over water. COMPANION PLANT: Most vegetables and herbs. NOT onions, garlic, gladiolus, potatoes. PESTS: BACTERIAL SPOT: Rotate crops. TOBACCO MOSAIC: Eliminate host nightshade weed, do not allow smokers to handle seedlings unless hands are washed. APHIDS: Control with beneficial insects or soap sprays.

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  1. Grow The Best Peppers

    Grow The Best Peppers


    By Weldon Burge. Discusses vareities, transplanting, pests, and more. Learn More


    Price From: $2.50

    • 70 Days • Medium hot • High yielding Learn More
  3. Purple Cayenne Pepper

    Purple Cayenne Pepper

    Price From: $3.15

    OrganicHeirloom • 70 Days • Very Hot! Learn More
  4. Golden Cal Wonder Pepper

    Golden Cal Wonder Pepper

    Price From: $2.95

    Organic • 68 Days • Bell pepper • Sweet Learn More


    Price From: $3.15

    Organic • 95 Days • Hot orange! Learn More
  6. Italian Pepperoncini Pepper

    Italian Pepperoncini Pepper

    Price From: $3.15

    Organic • 65 Days • Easy to grow Learn More


    Price From: $3.45

    OrganicHeirloom • 50-80 Days • Semi-hot Learn More
  8. Long Slim Cayenne

    Long Slim Cayenne

    Price From: $3.15

    Organic • 65 days • Fiery peppers • High yielding Learn More
  9. Purple Beauty Pepper

    Purple Beauty Pepper

    Price From: $3.15

    Organic • 70 Days • Bell Pepper Learn More


    Price From: $2.75

    • 85 Days • Prolific • Very hot Learn More
  11. Sunrise Orange Pepper

    Sunrise Orange Pepper

    Price From: $3.15

    Organic • 60 Days • Bell Pepper • Early Learn More
  12. Hungarian Wax Pepper

    Hungarian Wax Pepper

    Price From: $0.06

    Organic • 58 Days • Colder area pepper Learn More
  13. California Wonder 300 Pepper

    California Wonder 300 Pepper

    Price From: $7.85

    Organic • 75 Days • Bell Pepper • Sweet Learn More
  14. Black Hungarian Wax Pepper

    Black Hungarian Wax Pepper

    Price From: $3.15

    OrganicHeirloom • 70 Days • Mildly hot Learn More
  15. Diamond Bell Pepper

    Diamond Bell Pepper

    Price From: $3.15

    Organic • 75 Days • Sweet pepper Learn More

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