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  • Sweet Pickle Pepper

    Sweet Pickle Pepper

    65 Days. Organic.

    Also known as the Christmas tree light pepper, due to its brightly colored orange, red, yellow, and purple peppers. These peppers grow to be about 2'' long and are very thick-walled with a sweet flavor. great for salads and pickling.g.

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    60 Days. Organic.
    Beautiful yellow bell peppers turn orange and then bright red at full maturity. Plants are loaded with large, blocky fruits that are thick-walled and sweet. Plants are vigorous and bushy with large leaves that provide sunburn and limited frost protection for the fruit. Early and productive!

    Disease resistances:
    Tobacco Mosaic Virus

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    70 Days. Organic.
    Compact plant with thick foliage give a good yield of blocky deep purple peppers. Mild sweet flavor and unique color make this a perfect addition to a salad. Fruits turn green when cooked.

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    65 days.
    Make your own pepperoncini at home with this easy to grow variety. It used to be that green varieties would have to be bleached and dried before pickling to get that yellow/green color, but with Robustini you simply pick it when it gets that color on the vine, usually at 2-3 inches long. Fruits are lobed, slighltly pointed and thin walled, ideal for pickling (simply pack in jars and cover with white wine vinegar, cure for one to six months.)
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  • Grow The Best Peppers

    Grow The Best Peppers

    By Weldon Burge. Discusses vareities, transplanting, pests, and more.
  • Golden Greek Pepper

    Golden Greek Pepper

    Organic. 65 Days. These attractive, compact plants are perfect for any garden. The peppers are green and once they are fully matured they turn red. These peppers are great raw or cooked.
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  • Golden Cal Wonder PEPPER - Organic

    Golden Cal Wonder PEPPER - Organic

    68 Days

    Blocky, 3.5-3.75" fruits. Ripens from green to golden-yellow to deep-orange. Very sweet 4 lobed. Start indoors 10-12 wks before last frost. Transplant to pots when first true leaves appear. Set out 2-4 wks after last frost, 10-12" apart in rows 18" apart.
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  • Diamond Bell

    Diamond Bell

    75 Days. Organic.

    3-4 lobed translucent white fruits if left of full maturity will turn pale yellow then scarlet red. Sweet in all stages.

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  • California Wonder 300

    California Wonder 300

    68 Days. Organic.

    We were impressed with the earliness, productivity, and quality of this popular variety. Fruits have 3-4 lobes and are smooth-skinned and thick-walled with excellent flavor. Plants are vigorous, upright, and prolific.

    Resists TMV.

    Price From: $2.75

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