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  • Grow The Best Tomatoes

    Grow The Best Tomatoes

    By John Page. Discusses starting seeds, mulching, pest control, and more.
  • BUSH BEEFSTEAK - Organic

    BUSH BEEFSTEAK - Organic

    60 days

    This beefstack tomato grows on vigorous dwarf vine. Don't let the size of the plant fool you, however. This high yielder produces 25-30 pounds of solid, meaty, 8 oz. tomatoes with very few seeds. Indeterminate.


    60 days

    This non-staking bush type produces 6 oz. bright-red fruits. Very productive determinate type plant.


    55 days

    Nearly seedless large northern red tomatoes with real tomato flavor! Oregon Spring has a compact plant good for small gardens. Like Siletz, this tomato can set fruit with cool northern nights that stop other large fruited types cold. Highly recommended. Determinate.

    Additional Infomation:

    Heirloom variety

    Market farm variety

    Disease resistances:

    Verticillium Wilt
  • PERON*Organic


    68 days

    This highly didease-resitant variety is great for organic gardeners. Vitamin rich fruits are deep-red 10 oz. globes. Indeterminate.

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    Very tasty, nice quality 1.5" -3-4oz extra red fruits on a compact plant with good foliage. Developed by Ken Fisher of Fisher's Garden Store. Great for canning or slicing. Very Productive. Determinate
  • Lime Green Salad

    Lime Green Salad

    Organic. Heirloom. 58 Days.

    Short plants that produce juicy 30z. fruits. Skin apple green to yellow green at maturity with lime green flesh and a sweet tangy flavor. Orgin Tom Wagner.

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  • Alaskan Fancy

    Alaskan Fancy

    Organic. 55 Days.

    Great, early plum tomato. Vigorous, shiny red fruits with large yields. Very juicy 2oz. fruits full of flavor. Devoloped for Alaska. Good cold hariness.Determinate. 

    Price From: $2.95
  • Big Rainbow

    Big Rainbow

    • 85 Days
    • Great for humid or rainy climates!
    Price From: $2.95
  • Silvery Fir Tree

    Silvery Fir Tree

    Organic. Heirloom. 59 Days.

    This bright red heirloom tomato meassures about 2-3" in diameter and has silvery foliage. Great producer and does well in baskets. Very decorative and esthetically pleasing. Determinate.

    Price From: $2.95
  • Polar Beauty

    Polar Beauty

    63 Days. Organic.

    Bred in Alaska for extremly rapid, vigorous growth and extra early ripening. Second to ripen in polar series. Short, compact,bushy plants with 3-6 oz. crack-free, red fruits. has a brandywine flavor in half the time. Great garden additon. Indeterminate.

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  • Sasha's Pride

    Sasha's Pride

    Organic. Heirloom. 55 Days

    Early, heirloom, small, compact plants bear thin skinned 4 oz. fruits. Red in color, beefsteak in shape. Sweet, mild flavor. Orgin Siberia. Indeterminate.

    Price From: $2.95

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