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Extra Early Varieties

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    55 days

    Popular vigorous potato-leaved plants yield abundant, early 3-6 oz fruits. Good leaf cover results in high quality round, crimson fruit. It has won awards for its exceptional flavor in Seattle community garden taste-offs. Well-appreciated for its ability to ripen early. Bred in Czechoslovakia. Semi-determinate.

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    Heirloom variety
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  • Siletz


    52 Days. Organic.

    Improved, Oregon, Spring-type, bred by Dr. James baggett. Considerably larger average fruit size with an earlier peak yield. Large, healthy plant with good leaf coverage. Earliest true red slicer in our trials. Fruit size is reliable up into the 10oz range. Sets fruit in cold weather like Oregon Spring, and many of the first fruits are seedless. Highly recommended. Determinate. Resists VW.

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  • Siberia


    40 Days. Organic.

    Instresting, red variety smuggled out of cold war Russia. Extremely dwarfed, thick- stemmed plants able to set fruit in very cool weather. 3-7 oz. fruits depending on thinning of abundant fruit set. Suitable for containers and extreme climates. Determinate.

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  • Rocket


    Organic. Heirloom. 50 Days.

    Very prolific and hardy red variety with slightly acid 2 1/2 inch, 3-4oz fruits. Bush plant that may need some support to hold up huge yields. Many consider the flavor superior to other early varieties. Determinate. 

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  • Polar Star

    Polar Star

    65 Days. Organic.

    Red fruits with the pattern of a star on the blossom end. Round to slightly flattened shape. early tomato that is sweet, but tangy in tast. Bred for Alaska. Determinate.

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    55 DAYS

    The largest of the super early red tomatoes. Excellent flavored 6-12 oz roundish globes. Big healthy indeterminate vines. Excellent short season choice.
  • Early Wonder

    Early Wonder

    55 Days. Organic

    As you can tell by the name, this is an extra early compact tomato variety. High yielding round, dark-pink tomatoes that average 6 oz. Wonderful late season full tomato flavor from an extra early variety. Determinate.

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    This is a new red tomato that has been grown and tested for cool summer temperatures with a short growing season. This meaty, medium sized fruit is good for whole tomato home processing. The flavor is a good mixture of sugar and low acid. This variety will ripen until frost. Plants of Cougar Red are vigorous and semi-determinate.
  • Bonny Best

    Bonny Best

    Organic. Heirloom. 66 Days.

    Old Favorite heirloom. large, open plants that need support. Smooth, bright-scarlet. 6-10 oz. globes. Solid and meaty, widely adapted to norhtern areas. Popular for home or market gardens. Does well growing in your greenhouse. Indroduced in 1908 at the Bonny Plant Farm. #1 in flavor. Indeterminate.

    Price From: $2.95

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