How to Store and Cure Garlic

How to Store and Cure Garlic

Well you’ve harvested your garlic. Now what?

If you want to enjoy your garlic right away, you can eat it straight from the garden. To enjoy these tasty bulbs all year long curing your garlic is a must!

Once harvested take garlic bulbs to a shady, dry area. Best spots are a covered porch, breezy shed or garage. It is very important to keep your garlic out of the sun, garlic bulbs are easily sun burned.  No need to clean, trim roots or foliage.  Garlic stores longer with its stalk and leaves attached.

Lay the bulbs in single layers on screens, drying racks, or slatted shelves to promote good air circulation. Some gardeners tie the stalks in loose bundles of 8-12 plants and hang them under cover. If you have a softneck variety you can even braid the stalks. The plants should dry for 3-8 weeks, depending on the humidity and amount of air circulation. Most growers use a fan in the curing process. Once garlic is cured for 1-2 months, your garlic leaves should be completely brown and roots should feel stiff and dry.

Garlic drynig on screen.

To clean your bulbs trim the roots, then cut the stalks off ½ inch above the bulb and gently clean the bulbs with a soft bristle brush, taking care not to strip off the papery skin. If the internal leaves are still green and moist stoop cleaning and let dry longer.

For storage, hang your bulbs in netted sacks with good air circulation on all sides. Perfect storage conditions are 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit at 50% relative humidity. Storage below 40 degrees actually makes garlic sprout faster.











Following these steps should make your garlic last till winter. Unless your like my family and eat it all before winter comes around!

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