Weed Block Fabric

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Can't grow melons? Use this mulch and Greg's melon tricks to increase your success. First prepare the soil and rototill your fertilizer into it. I suggest five pounds of Blood Meal and five pounds of Kelp Meal. Stake a soaker hose down in the center of the bed using U shaped metal stakes and cover with Black Melon Mulch. You're ready to plant. After your plants have six leaves, cut a small slit about four inches long every two feet down the center along the soaker hose and plant your transplants. To get a jump on things use solar umbrellas, walls of water, or cut the bottoms off one gallon plastic milk jugs for cool nights. During the growing season I spray Neptune's Fish and Seaweed, one ounce per gallon every ten days. The melon mulch keeps the ground warm and also warms the water to keep the melons growing fast. Use Fastbreak or any early melon. We only had 90 frost free days and had 62 cantaloupes and 36 watermelons using this method from just 3'x50'!

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