Pumpkin Crafts

October 8, 2018
Pumpkin Crafts
Tis the season to start getting crafty! There’s no need for the store when you have everything at home or in the garden already. Here’s some of our crafty fall ideas. What are yours?

Wine Cork Pumpkin

Like your vino as well as the cork crafting that comes after? Add a little fall festivities to your décor! Simply paint the ends of your wine corks with orange paint. Once the paint has dried, use your hot glue gun to put your corks together. Start with 4 corks on the bottom, followed by a layer of five, then six. Then scale down to 5 and your top layer will have 4 corks. This will give you the round-ish pumpkin shape. Top with a single cork for the stem and decorate with burlap or felt leaves and some piping for vines. Feel free to make your pumpkin as large as you want.

Cut Veggies Like Pumpkins!

We used our Armenian cucumbers and carefully cut out a stem along the top of the whole cuke. Then simply sliced rounds for the kids’ lunches. They loved the fun shapes. Try this with any number of veggies, especially orange carrots.

“Lantern” Pumpkins

This is fairly simple, all you will need is an electric drill, a couple of different sized bits and of course, a pumpkin. We took a permanent marker and free handed a pattern for one of our pumpkins. The other we made a stencil, which resulted in a more uniform look. Take the top off and scallop the edges like we did with the patterned pumpkin for a bit more flare.

Painted Pumpkins

Have any oddly shaped pumpkins? We sure did, and it made the perfect shape for a giant candy corn! Our elongated Casper pumpkin was perfect, but any color will work! We used a sponge to apply the paint, making blending easier between layers, creating an almost ombre look.

Mod Podge Leaf Pumpkins

We are already on our way to raking leaves… oh joy. But, why not have a little fun before the chores begin? Take your pumpkin and some fun shaped and colorful leaves, and Mod Podge away. You’ll be pleased with a rustic and unique looking pumpkin decoration.
Now, if you’ll excuse us – it’s time to get crafting!

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