Why choose Irish Eyes Garden Seeds?

Why choose Irish Eyes Garden Seeds?
  1. We are family owned and operated!
  2. We are dedicated to promoting sustainable, organic, and lifelong farming practices.
  3. We specialize in short season seeds for an early harvest.
  4. We are strongly against GMO’s in all forms and we support and promote organic farming and gardening practices.
  5. Each year we donate our left over seeds to many non-profit organizations around the United States and the world.
  6. We offer over 200 different open-pollinated and heirloom seeds.
  7. We have over 90 different varieties of potatoes! (We know spuds!)
  8. We are members of the Organic Seed Alliance, the Safe Seed Pledge, and FFA/4-H.
  9. By recycling, creating, and reusing our own compost, we have reduced our farm waste tremendously.
  10. Last but not least we care about you! We are here to educate our gardener and turn more brown thumbs to green!!
Alexa, Greg & Sara standing in a field in Peru.

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