Swiss Chard Growing Guide

Also known as silverbeet, Swiss chard is a member of the beet family grown for its edible greens, which can be used in salads or even fried. Its tender leaves taste like spinach, and can be harvested continuously throughout the season.

We offer seeds for several colorful varieties - Bright Lights, Yellow Chard, Fordhook, Ruby Red Rhubarb, and Orange Chard.

When to Sow Sun/Part Shade Seed Spacing Row Spacing Planting Depth Spacing After Thinning Days to Germinate Days to Maturity
Spring; fall in mild winter areas Sun/part shade in summer 1 inch 18 inches ½ inch 8-12 inches 7-10 85

Soil and Fertilizing
Plant after the last spring frost. The soil must be well-drained, and enriched with vegetable food. Feed every four weeks for best results.

Consistent moisture is important to Swiss chard, especially as the plants grow larger. Water every day.

Break or cut the outer leaves off at the base when they're 6-8 inches wide. Pick and discard old or tough leaves and flower stalks. Avoid damaging the growing point in the center of the plant. If you plan to harvest whole plants, make succession plantings through late summer, so you won't run out.

Special Notes

    • Swiss chard is a mid-summer green that grows well in heat, but will also last through fall's first frosts.


For soil testing or other questions specific to your growing climate, please contact your local county extension agent. Visit to find the office nearest you.

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