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Irish Eyes is a small scale, family owned organic farm that provides the highest quality, most affordable, and offers a diverse selection of organic seeds to our ever-growing customer base. We cater to the small home gardener up to large wholesale suppliers. We are previously known for our potatoes and garlic; however we pride ourselves in all aspects of our business through exceptional customer service, product satisfaction, and farming techniques. By educating our customers and providing them with quality products, we are truly making a difference in people’s lives. We are a company that wants to be remembered for its dedication and promotion of organic farming and gardening practices.

Seed Donations

We donate seeds to help people learn to grow food and feed themselves. Give a man a head of lettuce and he eats for the day. Give him seeds and he eats for a lifetime.

Our Program benefits many different groups of people.

We support orphanages in Mexico, Homeless garden projects, The Mahan foundation, school Pea Patch programs, Veteran projects, Catholic charities, world disaster areas, seed libraries, and Indian reservations. We also support groups that grow for food banks and churches as well.

Greg started our donation program in 1996, 22 years ago. Since then we have donated over 2,000,000 seed packets, he feels that is it very important to give back to communities in need.

Others can help by spreading the word, and volunteering to help others feed ones in need.

Anyone who has a garden help project or food bank can apply for our seed donation program. The only criteria needed is to be non-profit organizations that are teaching and helping feed people.

Any great story you can tell me about? A couple years ago Greg and Paige drove down to Tecate, Mexico to help the Rancho El Milagro orphanage get established. They helped build fences, garden sheds, garden beds, planted trees and taught them how to grow their own food. Before their journey they collected donated clothing, formula and other supplies the kids needed.

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