I am a returning customer – why can’t I login with my previous username and password?

We have switched websites. Unfortunately, your private information did not transfer over with the switch. You will need to create a new account.


How do I create an account?

At the bottom of the page there is a link for “My Account“. This will ask you to register.


My only shipping option is “Pickup at Irish Eyes Office”. How do I ship to my location?

Under the “Shipping” portion of checkout, you need to either uncheck the box to the right of “Ship to a different address?” or fill out all the information below. If this is left blank, it will default to pickup.


I live in the Southern United States, can I receive my potatoes early so I can plant in January?

Absolutely! We highly encourage you to receive your order in November before the cold weather reaches our farm. As potatoes are temperature sensitive, we must watch weather at our farm and en route to you to ensure that your potatoes do not freeze during shipment.


I received my shipment early – How do I store my potatoes so I can plant them at a later date?

Potatoes need to be stored in a cool, dark place. Make sure there is not too much moisture where you are storing them. We recommend a burlap sack or potato bin in a cool corner of your house. Good areas to check are your garage, crawl space, cellar, basement or the back of a closet. Be sure to consistently check your potatoes to weed out any that may be going bad.


What is the difference between nuclear, pre-nuclear and standard potato seeds?

Pre-nuclear potatoes are the earliest generation of potatoes available. These will produce the highest yields and have the highest disease resistance than any other seed potatoes. These are about marble sized when planted and require special care prior to planting. Nuclear potatoes are second generation potatoes. They are planted for the first time in native soil as opposed to our greenhouse like the pre-nuclears. These will produce higher yields and have a higher disease resistance than standard seed potatoes. Anything after nuclear potatoes is considered generation one, two, etc.


What are baby potatoes? Will they grow smaller potatoes?

Baby potatoes are small potato seeds that you do not need to cut prior to planting. These will yield the same as the larger bulk sizes you can purchase.


I keep seeing “OG” in front of many names. What does “OG” mean?

“OG” is our abbreviation for organic.


Do you have a potato guide? I’d like something to compare potatoes side-by-side.

This link will take you to our potato guide


How do I request a seed donation?

Fill out this seed donation form and submit to customerservice@irisheyesgardenseeds or mail to 5045 Robinson Canyon Road, Ellensburg, WA 98926

Please note that not all requests will be fulfilled.


How do I change my ship date?

The date defaults to the earliest ship date, you make click on the date to select a different ship date if you prefer. At certain times in the year, you may not pick a ship dates past a couple weeks time. This is because we are nearing the end of our season and will not yet be taking orders for the following harvest.


Shipping questions?

Please visit our shipping page for any questions you may have regarding ordering and shipping.


My order is delayed due to weather, but it’s plenty warm here!

We are nestled in Kittitas valley just east of the Cascade Mountains which can make shipping difficult at times. Due to mountain pass closures or cold weather en route to you, we will delay your order. If it gets below 25F at night, we will postpone shipping your order. We use a quick reference weather map to help us determine the weather along the route our freight companies use to deliver to you.

Unless otherwise specified, all orders ship UPS ground (average 3-7 business days). Storms and other natural forces may delay your order mid transit.

UPS routes are as follows:

  • WA, OR, CA, AZ, NM will follow the I5 corridor south
  • TX, OK, UT, CO will be sent to Utah and dispersed there
  • All other states will follow I90 through North Dakota and be dispersed in Chicago. If it is freezing along that route, your order will be delayed.

If you would like your perishables shipped later, please call the office to have us split your order for you. *Additional shipping charges may occur.


I’ve received sprouted potatoes. Are they still ok to plant?

Definitely! If your tubers are sprouted they’re ready and waiting to be planted. If they are starting to dehydrate, even better! A dehydrated tuber means they’re ready and trying to grow. They just need soil and water. Approximately three days after you’ve planted your potato seeds you should start seeing the leafy greens.