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Remember your pre-nuclear potatoes are “sleeping” and their dormancy needs to broken.  Follow these steps to help ensure healthy growth and harvest of your pre-nuclear potatoes.

Step 1: Place them in in-direct sunlight at room temperature for 1-3 weeks. If your potatoes do not sprout within 3 weeks place them in your refrigerator, in an open container for 3-4 days and repeat step one.

Step 2: As the sprouts reach a length of ¼” – ½” very lightly cover them with soil in the desired bed, while not covering the sprout.  Lightly water the potatoes.

Step 3: As they grow; gently cover or “hill” the potato plants leaving several leaves exposed and continue lightly to water. Repeat hilling of your pre-nuclears until you achieve a normal sized hill and watch your potato plants grow tall and healthy.