Microgreens Mix

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An easy to grow variety of lettuces, endive, mustard, chard, kale and arugula give this microgreen mix a spicy kick that will elevate any salad, soup, stir-fry, smoothie or sandwich. Adds crunch, flavor and nutritional value. Harvest in 14-21 days.

Microgreen Growing Instructions:
Grow your greens in a sunny window or invest in an inexpensive grow light. Shallow trays or flats work best, but any kind of a container will do. Start by adding an inch or so of organic soil or a seed starting mix and spreading it evenly in your container. Sprinkle seeds over the surface of the soil, remembering to sow them more densely than you would if you were growing full sized plants as you won't need to thin. Cover the seeds with a fine layer of soil and gently mist with a spray bottle. Place near a sunny window or under a grow light. A seedling heat mat will help to germinate your seeds quickly. Mist the seeds a couple of times a day and keep the soil evenly moist until the seeds sprout. You can use a dome to help maintain humidity. Once the seeds have germinated you can remove the dome and heat source. Keep the planting medium damp but not soggy. Enjoy your harvest in two to three weeks. Cut the microgreens with a pair of kitchen shears. Remove the roots or dump the soil into your compost and start again! Keep several flats going, starting seeds every few days to have a steady supply of delicious, crunchy microgreens!

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